Saturday, May 24, 2008

Just a Empty Lot in Cooper City

To Cooper City Commissioners:

What 'valid municipal purpose' would the purchase of this land at the taxpayer's expense serve? If the purchase is not for a 'private' post office, then what is it for?
To allow only a few 'anti-postal dissident's' to get their mail forwarded to a 'new' zip code, which the USPS says is unwarranted?
Shouldn’t $4M should be used for more Police & Fire, and to uphold the city's obligations for tax reductions since the money was in actuality a 'surplus' ?
No public purpose exists for which public taxpayer funds should be expended to purchase this (or any) USPS property in the context of the city's business.
In the case of municipalities like ours, our State Constitution provides that their powers are limited strictly to those subjects which have, as their object, a valid municipal purpose.
In addition, while municipalities are granted broad home rule powers by the State Constitution, their powers are restricted in the area of matters preempted to the state by general law.
It is the taxpayers money and should be spent on something that will benefit all taxpayers not just a few selected ones south of Stirling Rd.

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Dr. Jerome T. Walker, Ph.D said...

The USPS is the only government agency that does not receive a stipend from collected Taxes, so for them to allocate an entire Zip code for an area that is more than effectively covered under the auspices of three other zip codes is not only reasonable, but logical given that the Postal Service is on the verge of bankruptcy.
The Florida State Constitution does not, in fact, apply to the USPS as it is a Federally mandated organization, and the only thing Cooper City can do is establish it's own postal service which would raise taxes for a frivolous venture that would require Cooper City residents to pay whether or not they opt-in to receive their mail from such a private service.
The taxpayer's money actually does not go to their local governments, but to the State and Federal governments, and is in turn doled out to local governments in the form of stipends and STIMULUS PACKAGES, so I think under the circumstances you should stick to actual journalism and not inneffectual, misinformed speculation.
Our nation is nearing the apex of a cycle of Federalism, where we are at the 10 o'clock mark, just, for the purposes of the analogy, two hours from Constitutional Federalism, so to reference the State Constitution (misrepresented, by the way) as justification for anything is asinine.