Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Misplaced comment

It appears as though a comment had not been posted last year. We regret that we missed it. It is hereby published for your information at this time....

Anonymous said...

Last nights Commission meeting highlights: Commissioner Sims asked the commission to discuss the city attorney budget already over budget by approximately$72,000.00 and the monthly billing on an average of approximately $27,000.00 with four months of billing remaining. The commission voted 4 to 1 NOT to address the potential overage of $180,000.00 for this year. Then the commission voted 3 to 2 to adjourn the meeting without giving Commissioner Sims the opportunity to speak during the
Commissioner Concerns.

The three that voted NO on both issues were Neal deJesus, James Curran and Debbie Eisinger. The city attorney, David Wolpin is a long time personal friend of Debbie Eisinger and lives on the same block as James Curran. Neither recused themselves or disclosed their relationship until exposed by resident, Diane Sori. If you want to see a real hypocrite watch the ethic commission meeting and see Neal deJesus say he is willing to start the ethic meetings early and stay as long as it takes to get through the agenda.

I'm perplexed as to why he would not give the same courtesy to the commission and citizens of Cooper City. We all have to be more careful when we vote for our public officials and do our part to try and keep them honest! Don't let corruption in a Pastors robe deceive you!!