Saturday, May 17, 2008

Kudos to the Editor of Davie & Ranches Magazine

We were provide an e-mail that we thought worthy of your viewing.
It represents a position of a true patriot.
Thank You,
Jared Blaut
Davie & The Ranches Magazine

"Forgive me for stating this last part "publicly," but I feel it must be addressed. There has been some controversy surrounding anti-Semetic campaign activities which, depending on who you ask, were either perpetrated with Mr. Sims' knowledge, or were the result of anti-Sims opponents hacking into a website. Some have asked whether we would continue to run Mr. Sims' articles in light of this.
It's been the toughest one-person jury situation I've faced with the magazine. I'm Jewish, and find baseless hatred directed towards anyone, particularly for political gain, repulsive. but I'm also American, and in this country we are supposed to presume innocence unless proven guilty. And to date Mr. Sims hasn't even been charged with a crime, much less been found guilty of one. There are others in our area who have in the past been accused of unfortunate behavior, and most certainly they asked for the evidence (such as it was) to be carefully considered. It is POSSIBLE that Mr. Sims approved of the anti-Semitic acts, but it is also POSSIBLE that he did not and that others are to blame. He states on his website: "The anti-Semitic comments and illustrations were not authored by me, and I vehemently condemn any such act or participation in any such act, which depicts an affront to any member, or, any part of our civilized society." It is only American to give him the benefit of the doubt until such time there is definitive proof of guilt (should that time ever come). And so that is what I am going to do. All the best, -- "
Jared Blaut Owner/Editor
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Anonymous said...

I don't think the 30,000 recipients actually requested to receive that particular publication.
There are some who are so ashamed of Cooper City and Davie that they put their city as "Hollywood" on some forms as a result of such nonsensical fanatics trying to preach about nothing and calling it the second coming.